Monday, November 10, 2008

The Yellow Dress! Could it be the New Black Dress?

You just never know who, where or when you will run into someone.  For years every morning I have been going religiously to the Caribou Coffee in Edina, MN on my way to work for my morning wake-up call of Java!  OK Sometimes I freak them out and trade it up a bit and get Green Tea.  But none the same like many other faces that come in and out you wonder if people know much about you.  Well this morning was the tell all.  The manager there asked me if I would like my usual small light roast and I said yes.  Then she said so since your one of The Wedding Guys, is it OK if I ask you a question and not ask it on your web site.  I said sure - what's up.
Well you see my best friend is getting married in the spring of '09 and she called me with weekend and said - Hey we need to look for bridesmaid dresses.  As she sighed and a frightened look came over her eyes!  Well she wants to wear YELLOW because it's her favorite color.  Immediately I said to myself - Ugh!  She doesn't like yellow and doesn't look good in yellow and was wondering what my opinion would be.  So here it goes and this can be used for many colors not just yellow.
Even if the bride LOVES yellow and has to have yellow or she may just die there are ways of making everyone happy.  First I agree, very few people can pull off yellow.  Blonde fair skin and red hair, fair skin generally do not look good in yellow.  So what to do, what to do.  I told her first to come to the Engagement Party we are having at the Minneapolis Convention Center omn Sunday November 16th form 1-4pm and learn all you want about planning the wedding and we will discuss fashion.  I told her she may want to select a more neutral colot that would lend itself as a base and then accent with yellow be it in flowers, linens, lighting etc.
So to all you brides who are trying to make everyone happy in selecting a bridesmaid dress in a color that will work for everyone - if there is such a thing - I hope this helps!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Wedding Directory 2009 Photo Shoot

Did I just pull my head off the keyboard of my computer?  OMG - Matthew and I are both exhausted today!  We worked with Bjorn Meisner last night from 10:00PM to 3:00AM this morning conducting our photo shoot for the cover of The Wedding Directory for 2009.  What a thrill it was to watch the master in action getting just the right angle and tweaking the lighting.  Oh and did I say we did the photo shoot at the W  Minneapolis - The Foshay.  So before I forget, here is the info on the coolest place to have a wedding, rehearsal dinner or just a celebration and a great photographer who is flawless in getting every detail.  Thank you Nikolai for your assistance at the "W" to make it all happen and Bjorn for your perfect eye!  So impressed with both of you!

W Minneapolis - The Foshay 612-215-3700
Bjorn Meisner Photography 763-221-3650

The gowns supplied for the cover of the 2009 issue of The Wedding Directory  were hot off the runway in New York for Monique Lhuillier from her salon in Edina, MN and Pronovias gowns from Mestad's Bridal Salon in Rochester, MN.  The women at the "W" were loving the shoot and were Ooohing and Ahhhhing over the gowns.  Watch for the new cover of The Wedding Directory as it realeases January 1, 2009.  It's going to be stunning.
Picture Coming Soon - check back often!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

With Love From New York City! Kleinfeld of Manhattan Releases Bridal Fashion Line at The Wedding Shoppe on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, MN

It was a really Huge moment on Wednesday, October 1, 2008 as Lois and Jim Fritz along with their awesome staff at The Wedding Shoppe on Grand Avenue in St. Paul - as well as The Wedding Guys - welcomed the biggest name in bridal salon history to St. Paul, Minnesota. Kleinfeld of Manhattan known to brides around the world as "THE" bridal salon to go to and also known to millions of brides from the popular show "Say Yes To The Dress" on TLC is now part of the Twin Cities bridal scene. How you may ask well keep reading and I will give the 411 scoop!

Kleinfeld of Manhattan has release their exclusive bridal line called Alitia Graham Designed by Kleinfeld of Manhattan. Mara Urshela and Ronald Rothstein owners of the famous bridal salon along with fashion director Randy Fenoli and creative visual Jacques Vigneaulg who does the most amazing windows at Kleinfeld in New York City. I will be back to talk about the Window Shopping toward the end of the blog.

Mara, Ronnie, Randy and Jacques are such wonderful people and the line they are bringing to The Wedding Shoppe is truly as wonderful. You see Kleinfeld of Manhattan is very fortunate to see amazing gowns from all over the world and their line truly reflects the needs, desires and wants of brides from all over the world. So introducing the beautiful fabrics and embroidered lace. As many brides found out during their appointment that day the cut and fit of the gowns were truly amazing. So here are some of our greatest sound bites about the line...some from us and some from brides. I will say if you have not made an appointment to see them you should!

We heard a lot of WOW's all around. The fabrics so beautiful and light. Large ballgowns which you would think look to be heavy are actually light in weight. The silhouettes are stunning, perfect and flattering. Simple and Elegant, just the right touches in just the right spots. Not overly dramatic yet stated perfectly. The fun thing about these gowns is they are new on the scene and the designers are interested in knowing your likes and dislikes.

So there was so much fun in meeting with Brides, having the brides get their pictures taken with the stars of "Say Yes To The Dress". But the most fun I thought was not just the buzz in the air about the new line, but the fun the brides truly had playing "dress-up" so to speak with Mara and of course Randy. Randy was a delight. And yes Randy I am going to take your idea and match my socks with my tie. Randy had a fuchsia tie and matching socks. It was totally cool that's all I can say. But watching Randy help the brides in selecting accessories and how they might look walking down that aisle was like watching little girls play dress-up. It was magical, fun and exhilarating all in all a perfect match for the Kleinfeld Kollection! Speaking of the perfect match Lois from The Wedding Shoppe and Mara said the wedding gown for Trend Wedding 2009 will be a donation from the Kleinfeld Kollection.

If you are interested in having an appointment at The Wedding Shoppe to see first hand the amazing dresses, contact them at 651-298-1144. And YES you will be saying Yes To The Dress!
OK so you want some really cool visuals and decor ideas? OK, Shhhhh. Remember when I mentioned Jacques who designs the windows at is the web address so you can see the windows.

They are Flipp'n Amazing! Bravo!

We would like to thank Coppersmith Photography for covering the event. You can see their work at or schedule a meeting by calling 612-644-8024.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ground Breaking - Open Arms of Minnesota

Matthew and I were very honored to be invited to the Saturday, September 27th ground breaking of the new Open Arms of Minnesota kitchens at 25th and Bloomington Avenue South in Minneapolis.  Over 400 friends of the Open Arms community gathered for this wonderful occassion.  Minneapolis Mayor Rybak, Councilman Gary Schiff long time client/volunteer Bill Kimker were among just a few of the speakers who moved the audience with passionate comments.  There were many times when you could just see the tears welling up in people's eyes.  I know there were times when speakers would have to stop speaking because it became so emotional for them and then you would just think to yourself, "Oh God don't let me start crying."

As you may or may not know funds from  our Love Is A Cure - Breast Cancer benefit are given to Open Arms of Minnesota who provide home meal delivery to women who are living with or battling their war against breast cancer.  The new kitchen facility will position Open Arms to enhance the services they currently offer their clients who suffer from AIDS, Breast Cancer, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), and multiple sclerosis.  Twin City Bridal Association and The Wedding Guys were key initiators in funding the beginning phase of home meal delivery through Open Arms of Minnesota for women living with Breast Cancer.

The Love Is A Cure event which will take place on February 22, 2009 will be our 4th Annual Love Is A Cure event.  Money is raised by our clients/members giving of their time and talent to donate auction items for the silent auction.  The items are those a bride will need to complete and plan her as we say in the office, "If you are already going to pay for the service how about buying it from the auction and having the money go to a great cause.  In the three years we have raised just shy of $100,000.  We could not thank our clients and the brides who shop the auction enough.  For more info go to or

So as we left the event we said good by and gave hugs to our friends at Open Arms of MN - Kevin Winge, Jennifer Van Wyk and Nancy Benedict.  As we were leaving Nancy told us about a new event coming up called DUSK 2 DAWN which will take place on the weekend of September 26, 2009.  It's so cool and and about raising HIV awareness and funding for the Twin Cities and South Africa.  It's a 12 mile walk starting at DUSK 6:00PM and Ending at 12:01AM DAWN of a new day.  With our creative heads we asked Nancy id they could get South Africa to walk the same time we walk - how cool would that be!  So I guess Matthew and I are volunteering to help out for the event.  If you want to walk with us contact us at 763-529-1900.

Way to go Open Arms of MN!  You all have your heart and head in the right place!  Everyone loves and appreciate what you do for so many!  Thank you!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bridal Accents Couture and International Designer Jose Dias - HOT!

So here we are on the way to Bridal Accents Couture in Savage, Minnesota to meet Jose Dias, an international designer for Justin Alexander Couture. Savage, Minnesota is about 10 minutes West of 35W South on Highway 42  near Burnsville, Minnesota.  It's about 3pm and we are figuring it's time for Bloody Mary somewhere in the world but okay not in Minnesota.  We stopped at Champps for lunch if you call 3:30ish PM lunch.  So we hear Jose Dias is a really nice guy and his gowns are unique, stylish and Yummy Red Carpet inspired.  Yes Jose is from LA, you know just down the road from that place called Hollywood.  Yes where the hills are alive with the sound of Sassy talk and Sassy Smart Fashion looks!

So okay focus Bruce it's 8:00pm now, the Presidential debates are on.  We met Jose and he talked to us about designing and what he is seeing hot off the runways.  It's funny to listen to him talk about different parts of the world and what sizes are the average and what people like and don't like.  So here we go.  California, showy and size 2-4 and all about 5'5" tall so don't believe all the stars at 6feet.  In Europe like Germany women average size 24 and in the United States they average 14-16..which is what Princess Diana was like when she first entered onto the world stage.  You didn't know that did you!  See hang with us and you will increase your trivia.  Not sure how important it is but maybe in some parts of the world it is.

Anyhow, we talked about how gowns are becoming less embellished and more - let me hear it loud and clear - "Simple But Elegant"  in other words plain and simple.  Ta Dah!  

Jose Dias is a wonderful designer who has the flair for the original the glamor of red carpet and the understated elegance that is truly today's Bride.  You can tell Jose truly understands the line and look of truly great style and design.  His price points for what you are looking at are amazing if not jaw dropping because it's truly affordable in this day and time of watching your money.  The fabrics are true and his re-embroidered laces with metallic  are stunning.  If you are looking to meet him in person you need to run your fingers quick to call Bridal Accents Couture at 952-846-4496 to set up an appointment with him as it will be the best thing you ever did for your wedding.  He spends real quality time with his brides, always listening to their suggestions, questions and of course praise for his work.  And it's well deserved praise.  I hope to be in Chicago next weekend for Bridal Market so I will be there to see Jose Dias designs on the runway!  Jose you Rock!  Oh, Oh, Oh and when we arrived he was designing a gown with adaptations the bride had requested.  A true designer.  When you see him design it's what you get. PURE TALENT!

Also you can see his gowns on the main runway of The Wedding Fair on October 12, 2008 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Hope to see you there!

Bravo for Minnesota Monthly Best of the Cities

Let's just say this was the week for working late and seeing everyone in many industries which overlap the wedding industry.  We were off to the Minnesota Monthly Magazine Best of the Cities not to be confused with other Best Of or Best of the City whatever!  You know them all!  Could there be one more?  Oh don't forgetthe Best Of which is Better than Best - what ever that means can we stretch this to mean anything more than what it is or does that's magazine make it the Bestist?  That's like using the word thingy.  My head is spinning.  Stop the Madness!

Last night we were the guests of Steve Fox, publisher of Minnesota Monthly as they partied at The Hotel Minneapolis at 215  4th Street South in Minneapolis.  There is a reason why I am giving you this address but will get to later.  Right Brian!  Anywhoooo and I truly mean who because it was the who who of the best at this party.  Not sure about all the other parties but this one was busy!  So many people - congratulations to Apres Party and Tent Rental for their award and our long time friends and Halloween party blast people Liz and Heidi of Bastian Skoog!  Yes I promise I will be at the Halloween Party!  Long time friend and all around great guy Ralph Burnet!  Way to go all of you and congratulations for being Minnesota Monthly's Besot of the Cities.

Now back to Mr. Brian at The Hotel Minneapolis.  Brian Schmechel that is, who is the General Manager.  Matthew and I had the great opportunity to talk to Brian who we have known for years and he was asking if we thought a bride would like to have her wedding in the lobby of The Hotel Minneapolis.  We told him YES of course what an awesome place.  So this is what we need you all to do.  Call Brian and tell him they should allow couples to have their wedding reception in the lobby of The Hotel Minneapolis.  You can reach Brian by calling 612-340-2000 and letting him know you would like to see the lobby to host a reception.  Our thought is up to 250 people with a dance!  Rock Brian real soon and let him know.

Pictures will be coming soon, very soon!

It's that time of the year! Getting Ready For The Wedding Fair - October 12, 2008

This has been a week full of exciting times and very busy social calendar for Matthew and I, The Wedding Guys.  Just as leaves start to turn color for the Autumn season, it's also the tell tale sign The Wedding Fair is just around the corner for October.  Also the sign to start revving up for the show is our  trip to Mestad's Bridal Salon in Rochester, MN with all the models so they can be fitted in the gowns they will be wearing in the Weddings Couture fashion show at The Wedding Fair on Sunday October 12, 2008 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  

As always the gowns are beautiful and the models loved having fun playing dress up.  I really get to 
know the models really well while we all drive together to the fittings.  You really get to know them spending 1.5 hours in a car - SUV.  Believe me I get to hear it all, down to who is dating who and they even ask me what I think....I'm protective of the models, we all become like family.

Cathy Mestad and Ingrid Kent were happy to see us arrive and the fittings went really fast.  We are welcoming two new models to the show on October 12th.  Actually one new one and one who is returning.  Both are from Russia.  How exciting.  The gowns are amazing and you will love the styles you will see this fall.  Here are a few examples of the detail and unique silhouettes you will see on the runway.  

If you are interested in being seated for the Weddings Couture Runway Show, it's a different experience than the main fashion show.  You are given assigned seating, brides receive a gift bag, the guests are ushered to their seats by the male models from the main show and you are also given champagne or wine with the show.  It allows you to get closer to the gowns to really see the flow and detail.  Tickets are $10.00 in advance.  See for information.

Friday, September 19, 2008

W Minneapolis - The Foshay WOW's The Twin Cities in STYLE! Hurray Ralph Burnet!

Oh Yeah!  Let me tell you one thing after attending the W Minneapolis  - The Foshay VIP Grand Opening last evening with Matthew, the 'W' stands for  WOW! 
Ralph Burnet and his wife Peggy and daughter Stephanie and son Ryan were the perfect hosts!  They not only raised the bar in over the top they brought a party that hasn't been seen in Minneapolis for years if ever!  Ralph and I have known each other for a few years when he and I worked on an event that brought Michael Jordan into Minneapolis.  (If you want to know - Michael does talk very quiet.)  Matthew and I were very honored and proud to be able to celebrate this wonderful event with Ralph and his staff.  

From the moment we received our special leather boxed invitation in the mail with the silver pocket watch enscribed "Who's Ready To Speakeasy?" we knew this was not going to be just any old run of the mill event.  And boy have we seen our share even when they have been promised to be over the top.  Been there seen that, got to go!  From the moment we arrive and a gentleman asked if my name was Vassarella and I said no, it's Vassar but if you want to add "ella" like Cinderella I won't take offense.  We all laughed and Dylan and Nikolai ushered us over to walk the red carpet in W style - purple!  It was pure Purple Reign BABY! 

The camera bulbs were flashing, TV media it was all there.  Ralph was gracious and had a picture taken with us and who was behind us, no other than Las Vegas actress Molly Sims!  There were your Vikings of course and high profile executives from notable TV and radio shows as well as monthly publications (Andrew Rice, Editor -in-Chief of Twin Cities Luxury & Fashion and Lori Storm, Managing Editor - really great people, ride the tide!) it was a part of Hollywood in Minneapolis on a Thursday night.  I know a Thursday night!  Well we all know that Thursday night is when the real party people go out, saving the Friday and Saturday nights for the amateurs.  Robyne Robinson from KMSP FOX 9 once told me.  OK back to the party.  Next step was into the property itself.  So here we goooooooooooo!

The entrance is the most stunning dark shades of black, grey, silver and gold with a Fabuloso chandelier wrapped around a pillar that Matthew noticed..he has the eye for that kind of detail.  As we moved to the living room areas, they transformed these into the dance club.  This is where it gets really good.  The DJ - oh yea!  A female DJ who not only was playing Hot music, but she was HOT!  Her name was DJ Sky Nellor from West Hollywood.  She played Michael Jackson like only somebody could from West Hollywood.  Go to to learn more about this fab person.

Nextdoor to the sassy dance floor - all in black I may add - striking, was the live vending machine.  Yes an actual vending machine that had live gorgeous models from the era when the Foshay was actually built.  O which reminds me that they also had dancers on the bar from that era along with dancers with canes who would walk around and pour vodka out of the cane just like during prohibition times.  Anyhow one of the girls in the vending machine was a model from The Wedding Fair - yes Jena!  Who found her but another model from The Wedding Fair - Keno!

So it was up to the 27th Floor - Prohibition was the ultimate destination!  Here we are in the elevator and all of a sudden someone says - "It's The Wedding Guys!"   Matthew and I are like 'Oh Man'.  We are just not so used to being recognized like that when we are out at events ok or Target ask my daughter Stephanie.  We all laughed when I said, "Shh Where are they."  The 27th floor was actually the floor that the original owner - Wilbur Foshay, had his personal office suite.  Can we say NICE with a sizzle sound because I am telling you -  it was HOT!   When you looked out the windows you could see the 'W' logo being shinning onto the IDS tower.  I know - awesome - it was like being in another time and place.  Almost Batman like!  I KNOW! I'm telling you it was rock star awesome!  Well let me just say I know where I am having my Birthday Party in 4 more years.  Yes it's a milestone!  That's all I am saying.  Speaketh no more and moving on................

We have arrived back down to 1st floor.  As we walk by beautifully dressed Peekaboo Room dancers from the bygone era of Prohibition and Candy Girls with old time candy favorites like Candy Cigarettes, Sugar Daddy and Slow Poke Suckers just to name a couple.  Oh and the best was seeing the old-time movie projectors with old-time 1920's Follies.  We are now back on the main floor and the focus is food and beverage.  

Now before I get started I want to say something.  This is something I saw and I just want to comment so hopefully people learn new things.  Well and we all like to learn new things right?  Right!  OK  butler passed hors d' oeuvres are just that.  Butler passed.  It's not meant to be a stop gap feeding trough where you make dinner off of one tray!  If you don't think enough food will be served (which there was more than plenty) eat at home before you go to the event.  Now we can move on.  Next!

Manny's Steak House at the W Minneapolis Hotel - The Foshay (I always like using formal names) provided the food and beverage and like everything else we were overly impressed.  I have included a couple of my favorites from the evening and I hope you will all get a chance to experience the culinary expertise and art that we did.  Sue Zelickson was front and center and in the middle of it all.  Spoke with her briefly admiring all the fun food and people.  Love ya Sue!

Butler Passed Menu Items:
Mini Crab Cakes with  Poblano Aioli, Gazpacho Shooter with shrimp, Wild Mushrooms with Fontina Cheese, Chicken Satay with Thai Peanut Sauce, Truffle Deviled Eggs wiht Caviar, Bacon Brats in Puffed Pastry with Black Mustard, Lamb Lollipops with Curried Yoguet Sauce, House made crackers with Chevre, Carmelized Onion and Micro Greens, Rare Seared Beef Tenderloin Crostini, with Smoked Tomato Marmalade, and Roquefort Cheese.  Giant Shrimp Cocktail, Carved Bone-In Rib Eye bites and Braised Beef Short Rib and Scallop Sliders.

Assorted Butler Passed Desserts:
Mini Cupcakes, Caramel Brownie Bites, Lollipop Cookies, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, and Assorted Home Made Truffles.

Butler Passed Specialty Drinks:
Epiphany and Behind the Green Door.  Sorry can't give you the recipe!

Photos To Be Added Very, Very Soon!  We Promise!

So I know you may be wondering where all this is going.  What I am expressing is that in any event even like your wedding, there are key elements that really standout.  Much like the Grand Opening your wedding is a Grand Opening of your life together with your new partner.  If you are just starting to plan your wedding.  You want to check out the W Minneapolis Hotel - The Foshay.  Believe me you will thank yourself for taking the advice and the time!  Wav a Wonderful Wedding at the WOW - 'W' Minneapolis Hotel - The Foshay!  

Congratulations Ralph Burnet!  Thank you for bringing this Grand Building back to life in the style and sophistication only you can do!
You Rock!

Bruce Vassar and Matthew Trettel - The Wedding Guys!