Friday, September 19, 2008

W Minneapolis - The Foshay WOW's The Twin Cities in STYLE! Hurray Ralph Burnet!

Oh Yeah!  Let me tell you one thing after attending the W Minneapolis  - The Foshay VIP Grand Opening last evening with Matthew, the 'W' stands for  WOW! 
Ralph Burnet and his wife Peggy and daughter Stephanie and son Ryan were the perfect hosts!  They not only raised the bar in over the top they brought a party that hasn't been seen in Minneapolis for years if ever!  Ralph and I have known each other for a few years when he and I worked on an event that brought Michael Jordan into Minneapolis.  (If you want to know - Michael does talk very quiet.)  Matthew and I were very honored and proud to be able to celebrate this wonderful event with Ralph and his staff.  

From the moment we received our special leather boxed invitation in the mail with the silver pocket watch enscribed "Who's Ready To Speakeasy?" we knew this was not going to be just any old run of the mill event.  And boy have we seen our share even when they have been promised to be over the top.  Been there seen that, got to go!  From the moment we arrive and a gentleman asked if my name was Vassarella and I said no, it's Vassar but if you want to add "ella" like Cinderella I won't take offense.  We all laughed and Dylan and Nikolai ushered us over to walk the red carpet in W style - purple!  It was pure Purple Reign BABY! 

The camera bulbs were flashing, TV media it was all there.  Ralph was gracious and had a picture taken with us and who was behind us, no other than Las Vegas actress Molly Sims!  There were your Vikings of course and high profile executives from notable TV and radio shows as well as monthly publications (Andrew Rice, Editor -in-Chief of Twin Cities Luxury & Fashion and Lori Storm, Managing Editor - really great people, ride the tide!) it was a part of Hollywood in Minneapolis on a Thursday night.  I know a Thursday night!  Well we all know that Thursday night is when the real party people go out, saving the Friday and Saturday nights for the amateurs.  Robyne Robinson from KMSP FOX 9 once told me.  OK back to the party.  Next step was into the property itself.  So here we goooooooooooo!

The entrance is the most stunning dark shades of black, grey, silver and gold with a Fabuloso chandelier wrapped around a pillar that Matthew noticed..he has the eye for that kind of detail.  As we moved to the living room areas, they transformed these into the dance club.  This is where it gets really good.  The DJ - oh yea!  A female DJ who not only was playing Hot music, but she was HOT!  Her name was DJ Sky Nellor from West Hollywood.  She played Michael Jackson like only somebody could from West Hollywood.  Go to to learn more about this fab person.

Nextdoor to the sassy dance floor - all in black I may add - striking, was the live vending machine.  Yes an actual vending machine that had live gorgeous models from the era when the Foshay was actually built.  O which reminds me that they also had dancers on the bar from that era along with dancers with canes who would walk around and pour vodka out of the cane just like during prohibition times.  Anyhow one of the girls in the vending machine was a model from The Wedding Fair - yes Jena!  Who found her but another model from The Wedding Fair - Keno!

So it was up to the 27th Floor - Prohibition was the ultimate destination!  Here we are in the elevator and all of a sudden someone says - "It's The Wedding Guys!"   Matthew and I are like 'Oh Man'.  We are just not so used to being recognized like that when we are out at events ok or Target ask my daughter Stephanie.  We all laughed when I said, "Shh Where are they."  The 27th floor was actually the floor that the original owner - Wilbur Foshay, had his personal office suite.  Can we say NICE with a sizzle sound because I am telling you -  it was HOT!   When you looked out the windows you could see the 'W' logo being shinning onto the IDS tower.  I know - awesome - it was like being in another time and place.  Almost Batman like!  I KNOW! I'm telling you it was rock star awesome!  Well let me just say I know where I am having my Birthday Party in 4 more years.  Yes it's a milestone!  That's all I am saying.  Speaketh no more and moving on................

We have arrived back down to 1st floor.  As we walk by beautifully dressed Peekaboo Room dancers from the bygone era of Prohibition and Candy Girls with old time candy favorites like Candy Cigarettes, Sugar Daddy and Slow Poke Suckers just to name a couple.  Oh and the best was seeing the old-time movie projectors with old-time 1920's Follies.  We are now back on the main floor and the focus is food and beverage.  

Now before I get started I want to say something.  This is something I saw and I just want to comment so hopefully people learn new things.  Well and we all like to learn new things right?  Right!  OK  butler passed hors d' oeuvres are just that.  Butler passed.  It's not meant to be a stop gap feeding trough where you make dinner off of one tray!  If you don't think enough food will be served (which there was more than plenty) eat at home before you go to the event.  Now we can move on.  Next!

Manny's Steak House at the W Minneapolis Hotel - The Foshay (I always like using formal names) provided the food and beverage and like everything else we were overly impressed.  I have included a couple of my favorites from the evening and I hope you will all get a chance to experience the culinary expertise and art that we did.  Sue Zelickson was front and center and in the middle of it all.  Spoke with her briefly admiring all the fun food and people.  Love ya Sue!

Butler Passed Menu Items:
Mini Crab Cakes with  Poblano Aioli, Gazpacho Shooter with shrimp, Wild Mushrooms with Fontina Cheese, Chicken Satay with Thai Peanut Sauce, Truffle Deviled Eggs wiht Caviar, Bacon Brats in Puffed Pastry with Black Mustard, Lamb Lollipops with Curried Yoguet Sauce, House made crackers with Chevre, Carmelized Onion and Micro Greens, Rare Seared Beef Tenderloin Crostini, with Smoked Tomato Marmalade, and Roquefort Cheese.  Giant Shrimp Cocktail, Carved Bone-In Rib Eye bites and Braised Beef Short Rib and Scallop Sliders.

Assorted Butler Passed Desserts:
Mini Cupcakes, Caramel Brownie Bites, Lollipop Cookies, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, and Assorted Home Made Truffles.

Butler Passed Specialty Drinks:
Epiphany and Behind the Green Door.  Sorry can't give you the recipe!

Photos To Be Added Very, Very Soon!  We Promise!

So I know you may be wondering where all this is going.  What I am expressing is that in any event even like your wedding, there are key elements that really standout.  Much like the Grand Opening your wedding is a Grand Opening of your life together with your new partner.  If you are just starting to plan your wedding.  You want to check out the W Minneapolis Hotel - The Foshay.  Believe me you will thank yourself for taking the advice and the time!  Wav a Wonderful Wedding at the WOW - 'W' Minneapolis Hotel - The Foshay!  

Congratulations Ralph Burnet!  Thank you for bringing this Grand Building back to life in the style and sophistication only you can do!
You Rock!

Bruce Vassar and Matthew Trettel - The Wedding Guys!