Friday, September 26, 2008

It's that time of the year! Getting Ready For The Wedding Fair - October 12, 2008

This has been a week full of exciting times and very busy social calendar for Matthew and I, The Wedding Guys.  Just as leaves start to turn color for the Autumn season, it's also the tell tale sign The Wedding Fair is just around the corner for October.  Also the sign to start revving up for the show is our  trip to Mestad's Bridal Salon in Rochester, MN with all the models so they can be fitted in the gowns they will be wearing in the Weddings Couture fashion show at The Wedding Fair on Sunday October 12, 2008 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  

As always the gowns are beautiful and the models loved having fun playing dress up.  I really get to 
know the models really well while we all drive together to the fittings.  You really get to know them spending 1.5 hours in a car - SUV.  Believe me I get to hear it all, down to who is dating who and they even ask me what I think....I'm protective of the models, we all become like family.

Cathy Mestad and Ingrid Kent were happy to see us arrive and the fittings went really fast.  We are welcoming two new models to the show on October 12th.  Actually one new one and one who is returning.  Both are from Russia.  How exciting.  The gowns are amazing and you will love the styles you will see this fall.  Here are a few examples of the detail and unique silhouettes you will see on the runway.  

If you are interested in being seated for the Weddings Couture Runway Show, it's a different experience than the main fashion show.  You are given assigned seating, brides receive a gift bag, the guests are ushered to their seats by the male models from the main show and you are also given champagne or wine with the show.  It allows you to get closer to the gowns to really see the flow and detail.  Tickets are $10.00 in advance.  See for information.

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