Saturday, January 31, 2009

No Bad Hair & Makeup Allowed!

For many of you who attend The Wedding Fair we always recieve so many comments about the models hair and makeup for the Fashion Runway Show.  I have to tell you that I work with the very talented Megan Garmers founder of MG Hair and Makeup who is originally from Minnesota and is now based in New York City and flys in for wach of the Wedding Fair.  I always reminder she is from Minnesota when I tell her it's -14 below zero in Minneapolis and it's 45 degrees in New York.  Don't I megan!  Megan's company does on-site hair and makeup for weddings.  She always does the hair and makeup for our annual Trend Wedding.  Megan and I have the best time planning the hair and makeup for the show.  Honestly I don't think she knows what to think sometimes when I call or email to discuss options.  I think she thinks I am crazy but that's ok that's how we come up wiht the great looks.  Right now we are working on the Love Is A Cure Breast Cancer Benefit that will be on February 22, 2009 at the Minneapolis Covention Center.  My first email to her was - I'm thinking beautiful eyes like Donna Mills.  For those of you who can remember to the 1980's she played a not so very nice woman on Knots Landing.  1980's whatever she has the most beautiful eyes!  Anyhow I know this just cracks her up when I do that or talk about the 1980's.

So the look we were going for in our hair and makeup was a warm look in makeup and a more relaxed formal yet sexy look with the hair.  Megan is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to just the right look.  I always have my own look I am tryng to accomplish and Megan helps me to bring it current with a twist.  Sometimes we even mix styles to achieve the right look.  The one thing I always try to have is the models all looking the same so your focus when you watch the show is on the gowns and flowers, hair and makeup second (sorry Megan but you know it's all about the dress on the runway).  A great idea for your wedding is to have all the bridesmaids in the same hairstyle if that can work with the different hair lengths your girls may have.  Yipee for hair extensions!
The makeup is always a bit bold up close on the models but in order for their eyes to look open when you are sitting 30-40 feet from the runway they need to be as seen in the top image.
No matter what your style or look is and if your dream is to someday work a runway, the most important part of your hair and makeup on your wedding day is to make sure it's you!  Don't come up with some crazy idea for your hair and makeup on your wedding day.  The last thng you want to happen is when your guests see you come down the aisle and they are wondering who the bride is or if they are at the wrong wedding because they don't recognize you!-)  And I just want to say there is a HUGE difference between hair for your wedding and Prom Hair!  Make sure your stylist understand.

If you plan to attend the March 15th Wedding Fair, I invite you to stop by and visit with Megan in the Weddings Couture area.  Tell her The Wedding Guys sent you!  Or you can visit her on  So Cheers to fabulouso hair and makeup on your wedding day and don't let the snarles get you down!