Monday, November 10, 2008

The Yellow Dress! Could it be the New Black Dress?

You just never know who, where or when you will run into someone.  For years every morning I have been going religiously to the Caribou Coffee in Edina, MN on my way to work for my morning wake-up call of Java!  OK Sometimes I freak them out and trade it up a bit and get Green Tea.  But none the same like many other faces that come in and out you wonder if people know much about you.  Well this morning was the tell all.  The manager there asked me if I would like my usual small light roast and I said yes.  Then she said so since your one of The Wedding Guys, is it OK if I ask you a question and not ask it on your web site.  I said sure - what's up.
Well you see my best friend is getting married in the spring of '09 and she called me with weekend and said - Hey we need to look for bridesmaid dresses.  As she sighed and a frightened look came over her eyes!  Well she wants to wear YELLOW because it's her favorite color.  Immediately I said to myself - Ugh!  She doesn't like yellow and doesn't look good in yellow and was wondering what my opinion would be.  So here it goes and this can be used for many colors not just yellow.
Even if the bride LOVES yellow and has to have yellow or she may just die there are ways of making everyone happy.  First I agree, very few people can pull off yellow.  Blonde fair skin and red hair, fair skin generally do not look good in yellow.  So what to do, what to do.  I told her first to come to the Engagement Party we are having at the Minneapolis Convention Center omn Sunday November 16th form 1-4pm and learn all you want about planning the wedding and we will discuss fashion.  I told her she may want to select a more neutral colot that would lend itself as a base and then accent with yellow be it in flowers, linens, lighting etc.
So to all you brides who are trying to make everyone happy in selecting a bridesmaid dress in a color that will work for everyone - if there is such a thing - I hope this helps!