Wednesday, October 8, 2008

With Love From New York City! Kleinfeld of Manhattan Releases Bridal Fashion Line at The Wedding Shoppe on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, MN

It was a really Huge moment on Wednesday, October 1, 2008 as Lois and Jim Fritz along with their awesome staff at The Wedding Shoppe on Grand Avenue in St. Paul - as well as The Wedding Guys - welcomed the biggest name in bridal salon history to St. Paul, Minnesota. Kleinfeld of Manhattan known to brides around the world as "THE" bridal salon to go to and also known to millions of brides from the popular show "Say Yes To The Dress" on TLC is now part of the Twin Cities bridal scene. How you may ask well keep reading and I will give the 411 scoop!

Kleinfeld of Manhattan has release their exclusive bridal line called Alitia Graham Designed by Kleinfeld of Manhattan. Mara Urshela and Ronald Rothstein owners of the famous bridal salon along with fashion director Randy Fenoli and creative visual Jacques Vigneaulg who does the most amazing windows at Kleinfeld in New York City. I will be back to talk about the Window Shopping toward the end of the blog.

Mara, Ronnie, Randy and Jacques are such wonderful people and the line they are bringing to The Wedding Shoppe is truly as wonderful. You see Kleinfeld of Manhattan is very fortunate to see amazing gowns from all over the world and their line truly reflects the needs, desires and wants of brides from all over the world. So introducing the beautiful fabrics and embroidered lace. As many brides found out during their appointment that day the cut and fit of the gowns were truly amazing. So here are some of our greatest sound bites about the line...some from us and some from brides. I will say if you have not made an appointment to see them you should!

We heard a lot of WOW's all around. The fabrics so beautiful and light. Large ballgowns which you would think look to be heavy are actually light in weight. The silhouettes are stunning, perfect and flattering. Simple and Elegant, just the right touches in just the right spots. Not overly dramatic yet stated perfectly. The fun thing about these gowns is they are new on the scene and the designers are interested in knowing your likes and dislikes.

So there was so much fun in meeting with Brides, having the brides get their pictures taken with the stars of "Say Yes To The Dress". But the most fun I thought was not just the buzz in the air about the new line, but the fun the brides truly had playing "dress-up" so to speak with Mara and of course Randy. Randy was a delight. And yes Randy I am going to take your idea and match my socks with my tie. Randy had a fuchsia tie and matching socks. It was totally cool that's all I can say. But watching Randy help the brides in selecting accessories and how they might look walking down that aisle was like watching little girls play dress-up. It was magical, fun and exhilarating all in all a perfect match for the Kleinfeld Kollection! Speaking of the perfect match Lois from The Wedding Shoppe and Mara said the wedding gown for Trend Wedding 2009 will be a donation from the Kleinfeld Kollection.

If you are interested in having an appointment at The Wedding Shoppe to see first hand the amazing dresses, contact them at 651-298-1144. And YES you will be saying Yes To The Dress!
OK so you want some really cool visuals and decor ideas? OK, Shhhhh. Remember when I mentioned Jacques who designs the windows at is the web address so you can see the windows.

They are Flipp'n Amazing! Bravo!

We would like to thank Coppersmith Photography for covering the event. You can see their work at or schedule a meeting by calling 612-644-8024.

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