Friday, May 8, 2009

Looking Savvi for Trend Wedding 2009

Making the groom not just an accessory for the bride is a big part of planning Trend Wedding for Twin City Bridal Association each year. The guys are just as unique and fun as the bride and each brings their own personality to the mix. This year with Mike and his crew of friends there was no exception.

We gathered at Savvi Formalwear in Burnsville Center in Burnsville, MN along with Coppersmith Photography to document the process, to select the formalwear for the wedding party. With all the guys in attendance, we soon were able to see all the fun aspects that each groomsmen will bring to the wedding party. A great group of guys! Our appointment was with Heather the Assistant Store Manager. We had discussed a few options with her beforehand so as to have the options prepared when we arrived.

With the the bridesmaids wearing ivory as well as the bride we had an interesting concept that is usually reserved for destination weddings. We thought it would be a great idea, given the ivory gowns and the contemporary setting of Chambers Hotel with it's clean lines, to have the men wear all ivory. Not just the groom but also the groomsmen, ushers and father of the bride. We know it's not a real in thing - Yet! When you see the end result it's going to be very slick! We selected the After Six Ivory Prado tuxedo with ivory shirt, vest and tie.

The other option would be the 'new brown' which is Grey. We looked at the Calvin Klein - Legend grey tuxedo. Although the Calvin Klein tuxedo was beautiful and the tailoring impeccable, the look did not work with the ivory gowns. You hear people talk about an overcast look. The steel blue color did not work with the grey and would have made this ivory look muddy.

Heather assisted us with switching out coats and pants on the mannequins and we played with the idea of a gangster hat...NO not really but there were some students in for Prom who were loving the hat. Mike liked the Ivory Tuxedo, although he had just missed seeing this on the episode of Platinum Weddings Katie had seen earlier that week. He wasn't sure what we were thinking at first but after seeing our concept he soon bought into the idea and was very happy with the choice as was his bride Katie.

Here is a secret tip that we saw just playing with the tuxedos. An ivory jacket, shirt, vest and tie along with grey trousers. I know it's seems odd but try it, it's an interesting combination that may just play out for an afternoon wedding. Could we possibly call it the trendy 'new afternoon stroller'? Unfortunately I don't have pictures but give it a try!

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