Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Thomasina's Cashew Brittle

The one thing we love about blogging is to find something that is so amazing and tell everyone about it. Well I guess that is what blogging is suppose to be all about but sometimes when people blog they just ramble about random things or you get to a little TMI about the Blogger! Ooops I'm rambling!

Anyhow I have to tell you about an exhibitor who was at The Wedding Fair on January 18, 2009 in Minneapolis and who will again be at The Wedding Fair on March 15, 2009 in Minneapolis. It's Thomasina's Cashew Brittle! I have to say three words sum up the brittle! It's quite simple - OH MY GOD! It's a piece of heaven to say the least. And let me tell you once you have one piece you will want more and more and more and more and more! Since The Wedding Fair in January I have purchased the 1lb. box as gifts for friends and family from Kowalski Markets in Minneapolis and you can also for your own reference order online at I have to tell you it's funny to talk to people after you give the brittle as a gift because they all say the same thing. "OH MY GOD I could not stop eating it. Every time I would pass by the box I would have to open it and have another piece." And this is from people who workout at the health club all the time. OK so listen up brides! If you want to give favors for your wedding and you want your guests to talk about it for many years to come you better get in line and order your brittle now for your favors. Or better yet - if you are having a dessert table make sure you have it on your menu! Yummmmmmmmm!

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